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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Oshri, Odelia, Liran Harsgor, Reut Itzkovitch-Malka and Or Tuttnauer. Forthcoming. “Risk Aversion and the Gender Gap in the Vote for Populist Radical Right Parties.” American Journal of Political Science. 

Itzkovitch-Malka, Reut. 2020. “Members of Parliaments’ Constituency Orientation in the Absence of Electoral Districts: The Case of Extreme Proportional Electoral systems.” Parliamentary Affairs 74(2): 421-442,

Itzkovitch-Malka, Reut, Shaul R. Shenhav, Gideon Rahat and Reuven Y. Hazan. 2019. “The Collective Memory of Dominant Parties in Parliamentary Discourse.” Party Politics 27(3): 489-500, DOI: 10.1177/1354068819860136

Itzkovitch-Malka, Reut and Chen Friedberg. 2018. “Gendering Security: The Substantive Representation of Women in the Israeli Parliament.” European Journal of Women’s Studies 25(4): 419-439.

Itzkovitch-Malka, Reut and Reuven Y. Hazan. 2017. “Unpacking Party Unity: The Combined Effects of Electoral Systems and Candidate Selection Methods on Legislative Attitudes and Behavioral Norms.” Political Studies 65(2): 452-474. 

​Rahat, Gideon and Reut Itzkovitch-Malka. 2012. “Political Representation in Israel: Minority Sectors vs. Women.” Representation 48 (3): 307-319.

Chapters in Edited Books

Itzkovitch-Malka, Reut. 2021. “Gender in Israel,” in Reuven Y. Hazan, Alan Dowty, Menachem Hofnung and Gideon Rahat (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Hazan, Reuven Y. and Reut Itzkovitch-Malka. 2020. “Parliamentarians and Party Groups: The Role of Intra-party Cohesion,” in Robert Rohrschneider and Jacques Thomassen (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Representation. New York: Oxford University Press.

Itzkovitch-Malka, Reut and Chen Friedberg. 2019. “The Representation of Women in Israel: A Century of Political Involvement,” in Tan, Netina, Mona Lena Krook and Susan Francheschet (eds.), Global Handbook on Women’s Political Rights. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Itzkovitch-Malka, Reut. 2018. “Women in Israel: Political Representation as a Mirror to Gender (in)Equality, ” in Joel Peters and Rob Pinfold (eds.), Understanding Israel: Political, Social and Security Challenges. New York: Routledge.

Hazan, Reuven Y. and Reut Itzkovitch-Malka. 2018. “Mind the Gap: The Effects of Inter- and Intra-Party Competition on Legislative Unity,” in Robert G. Boatright (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Primary Elections. New York: Routledge. 

Hazan, Reuven Y., Reut Itzkovitch-Malka and Gideon Rahat. 2018. “Electoral Systems in Context: Israel,” in Erik Herron, Robert Pekkanen and Mathew S. Shugart (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Konstantinov, Viacheslav and Reut Itzkovitch-Malka. 2017. “Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Israeli Politics – at a Crossroads,” in Michal Shamir and Gideon Rahat (eds.), The Elections in Israel 2015. New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers. 

Van Vonno, Cynthia, Reut Itzkovitch-Malka, Sam Depauw, Rudy B. Andeweg and Reuven Y. Hazan. 2014. “Agreement, Loyalty and Discipline: A Sequential Approach to Party Unity,” in Kris Deschouwer and Sam Depauw (eds.), Representing the People: A Survey Among Members of Statewide and Sub-state Parliaments. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 110-136.

Itzkovitch-Malka, Reut and Assaf Shapira. 2020. “Legal Gender Quotas for Women in Israel: Why have All the Attempts for Reform Failed?” in Michal Shamir, Hanna Herzog and Naomi Chazan (eds.), The Gender Gap in Israel. Jerusalem: Van Leer Institute. (In Hebrew)

Harsgor, Liran, Reut Itzkovitch-Malka and Odelia Oshri. 2020. “The Politics of Redistribution and Recognition: Feminist Consciousness and its Effect on Voting Behavior,” in Michal Shamir, Hanna Herzog and Naomi Chazan (eds.), The Gender Gap in Israel. Jerusalem: Van Leer Institute. (In Hebrew)

Work in Progress

​“Party Personnel Practices and Coalition Management in a Multiparty, Fragmented Setting: The Case of Israel” (with Matthew S. Shugart)

​“Centripetal and Centrifugal Pressures in Coalition-Directed Voting” (with Liran Harsgor and Or Tuttnauer)

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